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When you partner with WorkingMouse, you embark on a journey. Our talented crew engage with you, and meet with your throughout the project build. We deploy our scientific and efficient services to your idea. We guide you through each step in the process. It's transparent. It's documented. We don't leave our customers in the dark. You're invited into the project development. No matter your level of expertise, when we engage with you, our flexible services adapt to your needs. When you partner with WorkingMouse, our tools, practices, and patterns help you at each step of the journey.
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Engage our practices for Web and Mobile Applications

Our team has experience developing applications for a wide variety of industries. At the beginning, we introduce you to our account managers, and eventually or development pods They engage with you on your project, and this is when we begin to deploy our scientific estimation process.

This includes our practices such as Tech Spikes, and Elaboration sessions. We manage risk these practices. This is one benefit of working with us. Our risk estimations lowers the chance of cost and time growing exponentially. We revisit estimation milestones throughout the development, and keep you appraised of any risks.

Engage our Tools for Legacy Migration

Legacy software can inhibit business growth. It's slow, costly to maintain, and less secure than a cloud application. When you engage with us to migrate a legacy system, tools like our trade-off slider keep communication clear between us for completing the legacy migration. If legacy migration is one part of a development idea, our Discovery Kit helps us adapt to your needs.

Engage our patterns for Software-as-a-Service

SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and centrally hosted. For example, if you had 5000 users all paying $20 per month this would be an equivalent annual turnover of $1.2 million. if your idea fits into a SaaS design, we have our Codebots technology ready to deploy alongside our patterns. Our timelines are patterns that help us plan and complete your SaaS project. With our UAT Timeline, we classify your feedback, and keep you in the loop.

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