Our Codebots Platform

Codebots is where it all begins. Using our agile, model-driven philosophy, we use the tools and tactics from this platform to build and grow a software offering for your business. Interested in taking the next step towards changing the game in your field? Take a look at our White Paper.


Every organisation has different needs. We'll create plugins that will streamline your activities and reflect your day-to-day in a way your software never has before. You may even want to replicate a feature from a legacy software application in your new Cloud iteration - we can help with that, and even transfer your old data to keep everything running smoothly. 


Our tiles make sure that your features and data are expressed elegantly and easily. After all, what's the use in having a custom dashboard or timeline if you can't understand it? Even better, you can implement features where and when you need them through an easy drag-and-drop tile system. 



Need an easy-to-read information page, or a detailed drill-down of specific data? Our custom dashboards have got you covered.


Manage workflows and optimise your activities through responsive timelines. Get notifications and push alerts to users.


Take your productivity to the next level. We use subtle gamification techniques to enhance workflows and engagement.


Create any type of document or survey. These are versioned and have skip/show logic to allow more advanced functionality.

Mobile Apps

Native mobile-apps that are installed on the user's smartphone and can work offline and resync when back online.


Set reminders and notifications to ensure that key dates and times are sent to your users.


Role-based security to ensure that users and groups have access to parts of the platform you want.


Configure a workflow for any parts of your application as a series of steps to complete a task.


Use geolocations, geofences and indoor positioning to monitor, record or react to the location of your users.
For a full list of our behaviours have a read of our White Paper by following the link below.

Read Our Whitepaper

Want to get into the nitty gritty? Read our White Paper and learn more about the WorkingMouse's Codebots platform!