Onsider is a complete web application which allows construction specialists (Onsiders) to find short-term job opportunities. It also empowers project managers with the ability to find Onsiders registered on the platform and book them for jobs.

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Project Managers search for candidates or request Onsider Management recruit an Onsider on their behalf. Company Admins are able to create Project Managers who then hire Onsider's on the company's behalf. 

Onsiders are be represented on the site with detailed profiles, which Project Managers can locate using search and filter tools. These profiles include information about their availability, their location and their credentials. Both Onsiders and Project Managers can submit feedback for jobs completed.


Onsider has been developed with an agile methodology to allow for quick and scalable development now and long-term. Agile provides the benefit of a flexible development schedule and smaller deliverables. The project can adapt based upon user feedback or altered priorities, and can grow naturally into what is required, even if that is different from what was originally scoped.

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