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My Career Groove's vision is to fundamentally redefine the way talent and recruiters are matched. They came to WorkingMouse seeking a platform to validate, automate, and build traction for their process. The platform enables employers to provide details of job opportunities that match the users skills and career requirements. If the user is interested in the opportunity, the app shares their profile with the potential employer.
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The application took WorkingMouse 4 weeks to develop, with our codebots doing most of the heavy lifting. If you'd like to read more or try the application for yourself, head to the My Career Groove website or follow the links below.

The core functionality was delivered through a wizard. Users are guided through the career profile and online resume features. My Career Groove embraced the agile methodology and as a result we delivered the project through iterations.

The first iteration was focused on creating a functioning MVP (minimum viable product). 

The MVP will allow users to complete their profile to best receive a recruitment package match, upload their resumé and link to the online user profiles. Using the back-end the administrator acting as My Career Groove will be able to manually match user data for a recruitment package by interrogating the data (by means of search and filter). The iterations to follow include; creating a recruitment portal where recruiters will be able to serve their own customised matches, and a scale model which will capture the personality and cultural fit of users.
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