The Gevity app from Longevum streamlines patient care and enables clinicians and their patents to monitor activity, blood sugar, sleep, and other health factors. The app displays the aggregated data in simple, but powerful dashboards and tables.
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The Gevity health monitoring app empowers people with the knowledge, tools, and technology to enjoy healthier, longer lives.

Gevity centralises data from fitness and medical devices; manages tailored health plans; tracks your progress; and provides a new level of insight and control of your health. These features are achieved through fast loading, easy to use dashboards, tables, and notification feeds.

If desired, Gevity shares your health data to nominated clinicians, caregivers, and family members. This enables better disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

Gevity is for everyone. For healthy people, the app serves as your conscience and health coach. And for people with existing health problems, it collates your vital health data and, if desired, sends it in real time to nominated clinicians, carers, and family members.
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Gevity was originally being developed offshore, but WorkingMouse's competitive rates combine with the unparalleled benefits of a face-to-face relationship brought this project onshore.

WorkingMouse's two-year partnership with Longevum has produced web and mobile apps for Gevity enabling clinicians and their patients to achieve better outcomes with a mixture of fast loading, easy to use dashboards, tables, and notification feeds, incentived with gamification. 

One of Longevum's core reasons for partnering with WorkingMouse was gaining access to our ready-to-deploy behaviours, such as gamification, which have de-risked Longevum's vision and enabled faster, better progress.
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