Flyable is a marketing delivery business. Flyable ensures flyers arrive at their destination through location tracking. Clients can create and task jobs to registered walkers in the web portal. Registered walkers receive and complete jobs via the mobile app. In order to scale, Flyable needed a platform that developed their process and tracking systems into a framework.
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The web and mobile applications took WorkingMouse 11 weeks to develop, utilising a number of our Codebots behaviours in the process. The core functionality was delivered using WorkingMouse's geolocation and geofencing behaviours. Registered walkers can commence a trip which prompts the app to begin tracking their phone's location (see the video on the left). 

At the end of the trip, the walker submits it for review. This is Flyable's unique value proposition and how the company delivers. On the web platform, administrators and clients can use the geofencing behaviour to select the areas they want their flyers delivered. 

The project was completed using agile feedback loops. The emphasis on end user feedback gave WorkingMouse the necessary tools to create an app with a strong product market fit.

The first milestone was the back-end control. This is where administrators and clients can select and modify mapped areas. From there, WorkingMouse used Apache Cordova to create iOS and Android applications using one codebase. Splitting users into multiple groups allowed WorkingMouse to create a number of permission levels. In effect it means clients and walkers have access to the parts of the application they need. 
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