CHDC (Central Highlands Development Corporation) is a not for profit organisation and the lead economic and tourism development agency for the Central Highlands region of Queensland, Australia.

CHDC partnered with WorkingMouse to redesign and develop their existing website; with a focus on showcasing all of the fantastic resources they have available. 

As part of the project, WorkingMouse also created a new portal for the CHDC's new initiative; Grown in the Central Highlands.

Sophie McMaster

Regional Services Coordinator, CHDC
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The solution was to develop a resource display tile that allows users to explore and filter the large number of articles, events and news updates the CHDC has on offer. 

Visitors to the Central Highlands can clearly see the different areas of engagement the CHDC have; while residents are proud that the site showcases their stunning region.


CHDC was developed using the fixed time - variable scope delivery method which enabled them to dictate the timeframe the team built for. 

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