Field Trials


The Codebots Field Trials puts our bots to the test with real-world projects. We predict a codebot working alongside human developers will deliver more value to a software project compared to a team without a codebot in the same amount of time.
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Phase 1.

We're inviting businesses to a Software Audit for project suitability (not everyone goes through to Phase 2).

Phase 2.

The timed trial begins. Teams have one week to deliver as much value across the requirements as feasible. Then we collect metrics.

Phase 3.

After data analysis, we present the experiment results and outcomes.

Round 1 Results

Lines of bot-written code



Lines of human-written code



Survey Results

We interviewed every participant on the value of working alongside Codebots. Here's the results.

Estimated time without a codebot

8.3 weeks
(1 week without a codebot)

Codebots vs. regular development speed

Much Faster (45%)
Faster (55%)
Similar (0%)

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