Behaviours save you the hard work and cost of creating web functionality from scratch. Our behaviour list is diverse, with more behaviours always under development.


Need an easy-to-read information page, or a detailed and specific forms for data collation? Our custom dashboards have got you covered. You can display snapshots of your data, and then drill-down into the data.


Create any type of document or survey. These are versioned and have skip/show logic to allow more advanced functionality.

Mobile Apps

Native mobile-apps that are installed on the user's smartphone. They can work offline and re-sync when back online. Publish your app to Google Play and the App Store.


Support flat file (e.g. csv) import and export within your application.


Use geolocations, geofences and indoor positioning to monitor, record or react to the location of your users. Record geographical position, track and filter data.


Take your productivity to the next level. We use subtle gamification techniques to enhance workflows and engagement. You can gamify your application for higher engagement.


Set reminders and notifications to ensure that key dates and times are sent to your users.


Make and receive secure payments through your platform. Monetize your software and increase your revenue.


Get notifications and push alerts to users. Represents events or occurrences on a timeline Manage workflows and optimise your activities through responsive timelines and show history. Get notifications and push alerts to users. Show data to allow forward planning.

Social Integration

Consolidate the social media channels of your end user by integrating your platform with some of the most common social networks today. Push meaningful content to your social media accounts and view a feed of your previous activities.


Give your users the power of software and supply them with a platform they can connect to via the cloud. Your users can create parent-child site relationships, and instantly deploy new child sites with their own databases.

Shared Library

Provide documents to users on the platform using a shared library. Expand your content library to keep your users coming back for more. Expand your content library to keep your users coming back for more. Share documents across multiple organisations or an entire industry.


Keep your software and user data secure and functional. Enjoy the peace-of-mind which comes with security authentication. Control who can interact with your application and what they can do.


Configure a workflow for any parts of your application as a series of steps to complete a task. You can create wizards and process flows.


Keep tasks on track and create boards to categorise them. Useful for scheduling tasks or just divvying out the workload! Keep tasks on track and create boards to categorise them. Useful for scheduling tasks or just divvying out the workload.

Dual Sync

Store data locally and sync when the device connects to the internet. Synchronize data on the application to keep the platform up-to-date and consistent.

Financial Ledger

Track credits and debits, and keeps a comprehensive ledger.

Documented API

Integration made easy with a published, tested, and documented API produced for your application.

Database Migration

Transfer your existing database schema from a legacy application to the cloud.

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