artmarketspace is a multi platform store for selling high end pieces of artwork. artmarketspace has been built to make the global art world more accessible and more transparent.  The vision of the company is "The Way Art Should Be."

Lee Steer

CEO, artmarketspace
"I love how the team brought my idea to life. I can't decide what I love most, I love it all."

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artmarketspace allows a buyer to create a personal connection to the artist through our Unique Video Experiences (UVE), seeing the art work close-up, at distance, in a 360-degree view, or by listening to the artist discuss the inspiration they drew upon to create the works. The UVE also provides consumers with trust: "What you see is what you get".


For artmarketspace CEO Lee Steer and Chairman Campbell Newman, partnering with WorkingMouse made the process of developing an app bringing all of the communities within the art space together both easy and rewarding.

Above all, Lee praised the people and culture we foster here at WorkingMouse and will be back.

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